Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fashion designers stealing from Visual Artists:yet another case

Another artist has had her work stolen by a fashion designer...here is the link to the story...


Here is my comment...

  Well, looking at the original photograph which is truly beautiful, & looking at the oversaturated high contrast lower quality fabric print-making technique that was used on the clothing, it does indeed make the two look significantly different...I would buy that photograph in a minute, but the dress for example in that photo of the couple is quite garish looking- the orange colour is too prominent & the navy tones look black...For me the fabric print reeks of Hallowe'en costumes-orange & black...Now in a court of law this could work against the original artist, because a work has to be significantly changed to be allowable...The photograph would appeal to the highest classes of aesthetics, whilst the fabric really goes well with a bad pink hair dye job & a guy wearing a cheapsuit that doesn't fit...I'd be angry too except for the dude you are fighting with looks like somebody who needs serious help...A charity case...I sort of feel sorry for him & his lack of ethic as well...You do have to pick your fights...I wonder how much of his crappy printing of your work has actually sold & made him a profit? Bottom line? God knows...Maybe alot, maybe nothing...The printing really is not appealing, the colour changes... Don't know if it is worth going further...I mean, the internet publicity alone about this is alot...Going to court is tiring & expensive...perhaps there is another way? Hmmm...Steal one of his designs? Leave dog poo on his lawn? bring a bag of bugs to one of his fashion shows? You could get creative? Why always lawyers? Maybe there is another more esoteric way? (By the way those suggestions are not really serious)... :)

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