Friday, March 11, 2011

Chief Chichi

A slinky bites itself in the bu-t...

How a star is born 2: Dust falls into a corner fold in space, it bounces off & spins into a slinky fibonacci spiral, the spiral falls off the corner encountering empty space where it used to live, a black empty hole in space, it returns unto itself where like is attracted to like, the spiral complete...
  Once the spiral is complete unto itself as a circle or ellipse if viewed from profile (the side), then it is an entity known as a star ( a star is really an astral spiral)...the end that is how a star is born 2!
  The first Star is Born is referred to as "Barbra Streisand"! (smile)

Chief Chichi: 43 inch diameter nest, edges looped tightly around single 1/4 inch sisal rope, middle also 1/4 inch monkey chain knot, total 1/4 inch rolls needed 3+5 rolls 1/4 inch Sisal or more (+1)=9, thought loop gaps in middle of web throu & thru w/ single roll 1/4 inch.
This is new prototype proposal for Trumpet of the Swan Nest Artificial.

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