Thursday, June 17, 2010

How are you?

How are you? Click on How are you above to watch a short film with cats dogs people a horse some art...then maybe donate some money or time or something to the Durham Humane Society 'cause they had a fire & that is a terrible thing for people & animals to have to go through...Sari.

re: Answer to Not limiting Print Editions blog post in blog called ArtPrintIssues...
When my parents took me to the Tour D'Argent in Paris, I had duck...because that is what you order when you eat at the Tour D'Argent in Paris (I was told)...My duck came in two different courses, one white, one dark...But most memorably it came with a little folding card which when opened said: "this is duck number 1234567 served at the Tour D'Argent"...It did not say this is duck 1234567/5,000,000...It was very special & memorable for me to know that they were counting ducks...But it was also nice to know that other people after me could also get to eat a duck one day...I like the idea of numbering things, merely for the prettiness of the idea...But yes, limiting them seems mean...The Count on Sesame Street loved to number things-but wouldn't he be appalled if he had to stop at some pre-ordained number?

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