Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thought this morning...marijuana & schizophrenia & yams...

new painting "Grove" Nov. 1st, 2009. oils on linen. 24x36inches. Sari Grove ©2009

Is it just me or does marijuana rhyme with schizophrenia ?

(I know that marijuana is a heavy duty blood thinner which acts in your brain affecting the frontal lobes...& I know that blood thinners in high doses actually can dissolve tissue...So, does marijuana use dissolve brain tissue causing schizophrenic symptoms?)

last thought...Manioc is a vegetable like a yam...I know that vegetables in the yam family have progesterones in them...I also know that progesterones calm down a kooky mind...So, did the ancient Incas name this vegetable "Manioc" because they knew it was good for treating "maniacs" ?

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