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(re: a story about a portrait artist who sells at 50,000.00 a painting...)
Gawd...another person who traces from photographs...I mean, c'mon...& how exactly do you go from charging 75 dollars to 10,000.00 dollars for the very next painting...This is not my definition of successful...the parameters for success as an artist are more subtle than money- seeing as most of the accepted greats died broke, as a thought...(sorry for sounding grouchy, but tracing from photos is a big turn-off...)

Sari Grove When you pay a gallery to show your work, you are saying that your work isn't good enough to show the regular way...Everyone knows which galleries are vanity galleries & which ones are not...Better to cut all of your prices & sell directly from your studio, online website, or an alternative venue that might be happy to have work, without you the artist shelling out...There is a dignity that must be maintained...
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Sari Grove When an art call asks for any fee, that money should be refunded if you are not accepted...Why should an artist pay to be rejected? How could the artist possibly know the parameters of that refusal sufficient to justify paying someone to look at your work?It is absolutely ridiculous to fund the rent on some artist's office studio space vanity gallery by sending money as a fee then getting rejected,then applying again

Sari Grove Progesterone birth control is everywhere, in our water supply, easily available, easily taken...Both men & women are exposed daily...A curious side effect of Natural Care HearAll, due to the fact that it contains three major heavy metal detox ingredients, gingko, vinpocetine & butcher's broom, is that it also seems to remove progesterone from the body...As an artist, I ordered this product for the heavy metal detox ingredients, not knowing that it would also remove progesterone...How do I know? Because 12 years after taking Depo Provera by injection, two days after I started taking HearAll I found a huge cyst on my femoral artery, which, when I lanced, proved to be filled with the same Depo Provera substance they had shot into me when I got married...Hadn't changed at all, same colour, same textrue, same smell, apparently this progesterone based birth control was just living in my body, all of these years, wreaking havoc...Later, more lumps of this substance appeared...
Suggested Use: Adults and children 12 years of age and older: Start with two capsules twice daily for the first 30-60 days. Thereafter, reduce the dosage to one capsule daily.

Sari Grove at 12:15 on 15 June
Progesterone cause ovarian cysts, among other things...Like cancer...Like breast cancer...Like aids...Progesterone causes the body to retain cells instead of evicting cells...So, things grow in your cancer...The thing to know about cancer is that you have to get rid of the cause...& just because you are a guy doesn't mean you don't have... Read more progesterone birth control in your body...If your wife or lover or girlfriend is taking birth control pills, so are you...if your mom took it before you were born you got some too...Adrenal gland failure is correlated to birth control...(Aids)...
Maybe the Pope was right...

As an aside to the Pope comment, Roman Catholics are opposed to birth control in the progesterone category, but they are not opposed to promoting celibacy by the use of herbs...Vitex Agnus Castus is an herb that creates feelings of chastity (also known as Chasteberry), but it is not in drug form, so the body can handle the dosage...Birth control is... Read more based on this plant, but the dose is a thousand times more powerful, which is how you get cancers...
So, to clarify, an herbal dosage of a plant that emits progesterones can be taken safely, it is when you potentise the plant to a drug form that you get diseases...
Which is why the Roman Catholic Church was OK with herbals to promote chastity (but not create cancers...)

Sari Grove the soyabean!
11 June at 12:31 · via Plaxo ·
Sari Grove Soybeans are good for you...(I was looking for a substitute for calabar bean which is antidote for agent orange poiso
11 June at 12:28 · via Plaxo ·

Sari Grove Windy Sea Cove: Curled up with Cat, this painting (24x36x1.5inch oils on linen) was about the windiness off the east coast of Canada that seems to have been messing with our helicopters, the wind seems to actually have started a little earlier in Florida when those NFL players tipped over their too small boat, then to Newfoundland, & some problems later in boats in China...Thinking about this Air France thing, I believe that variable & new winds seem to be playing havoc with airflight & boats especially...Perhaps we need to install new Wind Monitor devices on those vehicles? Or develop better wind evaluation techniques that can tell you up to the second what wind is doing...Who has seen the wind (W.O. Mitchell)? If you can see the wind, please tell pilots & boat captains...I wonder if that tsunami was just a foreshadowing ...Maybe we should all stop travelling so much, & curl up with our cats...

Sari Grove at 17:55 on 02 June
Windy Sea Cove: Curled up with Cat, 24x36x1.5inch oils on linen with a simple purple flower frame, by Sari Grove ©2009
Marika Emma Tamm
Marika Emma Tamm at 19:53 on 02 June
Gorgeous, Sari! Cat is so undefined, until you look closer, and see the eyes, nose, tail. Colours are so nicely separated. It is like a cat storm.

02 June at 07:27 ·

Sari Grove at 13:01 on 02 June
One day I got up early & you were already up, like 5:27am...Today you are up at 7:27am...The clock on the dash says 12:51pm, I am awake, with sniffles from sleeping on a water resistant taffetta pillowcase which was a laundry bag which I use to package my paintings which is on our pillows because B'Elanna, the older of our two bengal cats, pees on ... Read moreour pillows, mostly Joseph's though because the dam- cat food still has melamine wheat gluten in it (so we are back to mostly just feeding them chicken breast)...& I am wondering how you can be so friendly all the time, And get up so blo-dy early...
p.s. I am thinking of giving you our Aerogarden, because evidently it was not really intended for people to grow only Romaine lettuce- the most expensive Romaine on the planet...& I am allergic to the other stuff it seems to have been intended for...(only thinking though, because I do get attached to the inanimate objects I buy...even if they don't suit me)...

Phronesis: Episode 2 - Art & Perception of Beauty
Hitting the city streets with the biggest questions in Philosophy! This is our second episode of Phronesis, an Urban Philosophy project. Please register @
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Sari Grove I think progesterone birth control is the cause of female cancers today...Three actions, 1)Dr. Reckeweg R38 & R39 removes ovarian cysts which live undetected even to ultrasounds...2)HearAll from has the side effect of removing progesterone after you have taken it- progesterone doesn't excrete naturally! 3)Dong Quai rebalances your body back to normal & at higher doses causes tumours to dissolve...
21 May at 19:29 ·
Sari Grove "Salesgirl" 60cm x 90cm x 3.8cm oils on linen ...
14 May at 12:00
Sari Grove This flu appears as rubella (swine flu) in hotter weather, Sars in mild weather & anthrax in colder weather...same strain just becomes more serious when it gets warmer...I know this because I caught it, in its rubella form & have been out of commission for the past two weeks...(the marks on your skin if they appear, are smaller than measles, bigger than chicken pox...) try Jack Daniels & diet coke ...
14 May at 11:58 ·

Sari Grove Angelica Sinensis , otherwise known as Dong Quai, is available at most health food stores...Cheap & available in liquid format too, this might be the answer to getting rid of that pesky brain tumour, at home...or preventing one...who needs neurologists when you have your own supply of Dong Quai? Skip the brain surgery, this one is a
The Antitumor Effects of Angelica sinensis on Malignant Brain Tumors In vitro and In vivo -- Tsai et
Authors' Affiliations: 1 Institute of Medical Sciences, Buddhist Tzu Chi University; 2 Neuro-Medical Scientific Center and Departments of 3 Radiology and 4 Pathology, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, ...
13 May at 06:41 | LadyJazz | Norah Jones – Don't Know Why
Listen to Norah Jones – Don't Know Why for free:
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The Annotated Sideways | [beta]
Many people who liked Sideways remember it as the film where that guy hates that one wine. When I first saw it I was distracted by the frequent dropping of the F-bomb; recently I watched it again, and was pleasantly surprised at how funny it is. ...
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