Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bailed out of June show !

Hello... I bailed out of the June show, so, well, don't go...the vibe was just kinda hohum for me, too many lemons & not enough lemonade makers, or somethin'... I didn't really feel welcome or appreciated or I don't know, & then I got this skirt on ebay from Florida, a groovy embroidered jean skirt, & then I think I got rubella, 'cause the flu is going around, & that was the skirt I was going to wear to the show opening, & then someone changed the dates of the show, & then when I went to donate Jasper Johns by Michael Crichton , an awesome book , to the school library, the librarian had played hooky that day & I walked 10 kilometres for nothing...& the burger at burger shack was maybe ham plus bread crumbs...which took like three weeks to 'excrete' so to speak...which is kindof a long time for one meal to stay inside...& they were going to serve liquor with minors around, which is ok, but makes me uncomfortable, & it was registered as a charity, but they were charging kids normal art prices, which doesn't seem very different from a normal art school, so why the charity designation, & the non-profit group was asking regular retail prices, which seems more like a profit than a non-profit, & they didn't pay CARFAC fees which is what you are supposed to pay artists if you aren't letting them make a profit...& well, it all seemed very nebulous...& the people were mean...or something...I don't know...I, um, don't go...sorry...sigh.

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