Monday, October 27, 2008

Chew one Nicorette Cinnamon whitening gum piece daily for Parkinson's disease...

I noticed that Nicorette Cinnamon Whitening gum chewed daily is killing the toenail fungus in my toenail...My Dad had Parkinson's disease & toenail fungus... If the toenail fungus was the tip of an iceberg, & the fungus in my dad's bloodstream was in my Dad's brain , then killing the fungus in my Dad's brain will kill the Parkinson's disease...of course, it is too late for my Dad ...but if you know someone with Parkinson's disease, get them some cinnamon flavoured whitening Nicorette gum & tell them to chew one piece daily ...(this is what I used, so I cannot speak for the other flavours)... It costs about $14.99 for a pack ...Get them to finish the whole pack ...I am going to bet that their Parkinson's disease gets better... I have been working on a cure for six years now, & this is it...Send me a million dollars, later...or buy a painting...or not...(I correlated the plaque thing from Alzheimer's disease to fungus in Parkinson's disease- that is how I got there...) love Sari Grove & Joseph Grove who patiently has let me test theories ever since my Dad got Parkinson's disease (& died six years ago...)

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