Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy continued...inbreeding linkage established...


From gene mutation to clinical disease A. Gene mutations cause clinical disease. Two important questions remain the focus of research now and in the future; what is the signalling pathway leading from a gene defect to the clinical phenotype, and secondly, how is this process modified by either genetic and/or environmental factors, e.g. exercise, diet. B. Role of gene modifiers in mice with HCM. Left ventricular wall thickness (LVWT) measurements in 3 groups of mice; wildtype (wt), inbred mice (SvEv) with the Arg403Gln mutation and outbred mice (BSwiss) with the Arg403Gln mutation. An LVWT assessed by echocardiography greater than 1.0 mm (dashed horizontal line) indicates hypertrophy. Approximately 50% of mutant mice in the BSwiss genetic background are protected from developing hypertrophy.

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