Friday, January 18, 2008

The Creative Instinct

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Kohlschreiber beat Andy Roddick today!!!!At the Australian Open...In the middle, Andy on a break, starts complaining about the umpiring...

' If you thought I couldn't hit that ball I could have...if you think I couldn't have hit that ball you're an idiot...What, did you drop out of grade two to get a job as an umpire ? I started when I was eight..."

Then Andy gets up to talk to the spectators..." Listen up kids, don't drop out of school to become umpires...Stay in school..."

Anyways, Philip KohlSchreiber beat Andy Roddick beautifully...A ONE Handed Backhanded is a beautiful beautiful thing...If you have not seen Kohlschreiber play tennis, you MUST...Gorgeous game...humble guy...normal!

And thank goodness someone put Andy Roddick in his place...Even Jimmy Connors, Roddick's coach was laughing AT Roddick in the previous match, when Roddick couldn't quite clinch the win...

Arrogance will get you that...lesson learned...if you are on top, don't gloat...someone with a better one handed backhand is waiting in the wings...

Places I need to remember ...& find links again...
1) for embroidered jeans (get the ones with 5% spandex)
2)Rex for Che Son Italian Trowel Style Painting Knife (sometimes seen on Ebay)
3)Wildlife Rehab License you can volunteer locally without a licence)
4)Victorian Trading Company...Fanny Pack (& other wonderful knick knacks)
5)H&R tax a tree, file electronically
6) The Intrepid Art Collector...learn about buying art (from New York, moved to Montreal, her hubby has a blog too for screenwriting)
7)Swallow Healthy Balance Phytopet to get you cat to stop peeing on your couch...(goes in food)
8)Tree a tree (online donations easy)
9) health ailments & get alternative answers
10) movies here...(& photos, nice cards too...custom)
11) Homemade Cat Food oatmeal plus ground meat put in oven, 3 hours , done...

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