Friday, November 2, 2007

To Heck with Rules...I'm lowering my prices!!!!

well, story aside, I lowered all my prices...each time I lowered to the next level, I increased traffic by 30 hits a day...I also increased compliments, which to me is worth dollars in new Ebay store is getting me the attention I have been craving from the people I was gallery wouldn't budge below 2 thousand dollars a painting, which I felt was inapproriate considering the world state as it it today...six years ago yes, today, no...I bought designer clothing at less than half of retail on Ebay because it had been on the market for six months...I have paintings that have been sitting around longer than that...why shouldn't I discount heavily & make some space in my studio? Art is a commodity like everything else, & everything else has gone on sale...computers go for half after six months too...Canada has suffered tremendously from lack of tourism...I can't sit any longer with galleries setting my prices too high & thinking that rewriting my c.v. will sell faster...I'm sorry, but at $250 bucks I'm pretty sure I will edge out the competition, sell out quickly, get new clients &...

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