Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Response to request to copy article from Ebay post...

Hello, I'm the one who posted a what to look for article & you
had asked if you could copy the article...I thank you for your
compliment & offer three suggestions...1)write your own
ideas,you must have things to add that I have forgotten 2)lose
the naked women pictures when asking a woman artist for a
favour, it doesn't help 3)instead of asking to copy articles, learn
how to link from your own blog, that is common etiquette online
& it does not require any permissions...I appreciate your
comment & if you ever get rid of all the naked women pictures I
would reconsider- but I don't work with nudity, among other
things, so I can't really endorse yours...but thanks for asking...
GroveCanada Ebay Canada store...

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