Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mis-diagnosed bipolar, Pre-menstrual Dysphoric Disorder real cause...PMDD

the product I took is called " NATURAL FACTORS PMS FORMULA" In the
> Women's section of the WHOLE FOODS MARKET...It must be taken everyday
> 3-5 capsules a day as a load dosage, even more if you want faster
> results, ie if the person is already displaying manic behaviour...After
> three (3) months it kicks in fully & creates excellent emotional
> stability...I took it for three years straight everyday... It was
> thought that I had bipolar too - turns out I had what is now called PMDD
> or pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder...the pattern takes years to
> realise...The problem with prescription medications is that they are so
> strong that they dull ALL the senses and are almost impossible to take
> long term if you want to have a normal life, or any life...then, when
> you go off of them you suffer a severe REBOUND effect, which is what
> they call the cyclical nature of the 'disease'...truth is it is actually
> the cyclical nature of taking drugs...If you catch it early you can
> avoid the severe rebound of the drugs...I can recommend Natural factors
> PMS formula from Whole Foods at $19.99 a bottle as a solid alternative
> to prescription medication...But it must be taken religiously &
> continued for an extended period of time because it is an over the
> counter dosage...however it will save the life of the bipolar or
> mis-diagnosed bipolar...PROMISE...
> Thank you for responding so quickly, this has been on my mind for a
> while & I wasn't sure how to get in touch...
> p.s. when I first started taking this product I took way more than the
> recommended dosage in order to load up faster...No harm occurred to
> me...in fact I felt calmer faster...(I took like 15 at once...)
> If someone is switching from prescription medication to this, a higher
> dosage faster may be necessary in order to pad the brain from the
> inevitable rebound effect from going off the drugs (lithium, zyprexa,
> whatever)...
> ( I noticed after many many years my mood swings seemed to happen
> before my period-ordered something for PMS online from the States & it
> worked...my mum & I found Natural Factors PMS formula at a health food
> store & it worked too...decided to take my brain into my own
> hands...with great success...am fine ...)Sari

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