Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In Defence of Lululemon...

p.s. just because a scientific experiment didn't show an arguable
difference between cotton & seaweed fabric doesn't mean that seaweed
is not beneficial...it just means that cottton is probably alot better
for us than we thought and that science isn't sophisticated enough to
distinguish between different organic fibres...I mean for gosh sakes-
they can't tell the difference between protein and melamine in a
laboratory...which is why all of our wheat gluten supply is now
tainted...(melamine is a plastic which shows up as high protein
content in laboratory!)...(that hate campaign was just a ploy for a
guy to make money selling stock short, which means he profits from the
stock going down in value, & to get Canadians out of the American
market, what else is new...)?

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