Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shopping on Ebay Canada ...

Omigosh what can I say ...The jeans are from a company called "People for Peace"...the Butterfly chemise is by " 3J Workshop" ...the little figurine has a measuring tape in it, a pair of scissors & a pincushion, it is vintage from "Davar originals in Japan"...the whisky bottle I did not purchase, but just thought I should show, to illustrate the kind of important things you can buy on Ebay...all joking aside, who knew that so many objects needed my rescue? I feel so , well, needed ...At least if nothing is selling I am still doing business...keeping it now I know how a buyer feels...things like this new Snipe thing, where you use a service to bid in the last few seconds thereby preventing other needed people from buying Your important object...all I can say is that whoever Sniped my blouse today, I know your name, and I have a LONG is a small world, albeit crowded with territorial nuts like me who having nothing better to do than shop on Ebay Canada (the Canadian site really is a lonely place, really...)so, how was your Sunday?

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