Monday, October 29, 2007

Hallowe'en Butterfly

I took my brown Dior mascara & painted around my eyes with my finger...then outlined the brown with turquoise Lise Watier eye pencil...the oil free foundation from Dior served as a matte lips & nose smudged too...I put on my butterfly jacket from 3J Workshop...My antennae were fashioned from foil paper & attached to a headache band...I welcomed my husband this evening as he came home with groceries...this was just for practice, but I got a smile & a laugh & a look like ah I just remembered why I married his girl...anyway, my advice to wives...Dress up for Hallowe'en, even on the wrong night...even if noone else sees you...take a picture of yourself & send it to your mother...put it on your website...this is a good thing...

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