Tuesday, October 30, 2007

About the artists ,
“ Ok, so here’s a few things you should know about what we do...we avoid realistic depiction on purpose, so we will even blur an accurate image after the fact...There is a long & traditional reason for this, which dabbles into an international religions conversation, but suffice it to say, figurative paintings are frowned upon in biblical history & we are big fans of god, so who are we to argue ? we use the finest paints available to mankind, because they smell nice & don’t hurt our eyes...we use a knife because we don’t have to use turpentine to clean it & we use linen because canada is cold & linen is more durable than cotton canvas...our subject matter is, subject to the spirit of the time (Zeitgeist), so it will be fresh & important & exciting...each painting tells a story & if you buy one & look at it long enough, you will share in that story...also, we like to price works of art as inexpensively as we possibly can, so they sell out completely every year & we get to paint more...anything left yearly gets donated to worthy charities & we love that too...thanks for visiting, feel free to email with art questions, joseph & Sari Grove (written by sari)

posit: there are five variables or
lines of perspective in defining a
phenomena in outer space, which
also serves as means of explaining
the beginning of time...1)energy line...Particulate falls
2)Mass line...gathers as confluence
3)Time Line...say at the speed of light, a swirl begins...
4)Phenomenon...the milky way, for example
5)mirror...a Black hole occurs as a negative space mirroring the milky way...

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